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Message par linchao » 05 Juin 2019, 04:38

The hearing on Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette‘s one-game suspension will happen on Tuesday , and a ruling could come as soon as Tuesday night. (Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that James Thrash is handling the appeal.)If the suspension stands, Fournette could have a problem far more significant than the nearly $100,000 in salary that he’d lose. Per multiple league sources, Fournette’s contract contains sufficient language to support an argument that the suspension voids the remaining guarantees in Fournette’s four-year rookie contract, wiping out a $7 million obligation that extends over 2019 and 2020. (Fournette would have the ability to challenge the voiding of the guarantees; giving the magnitude of the payment Josh Oliver Jersey , there would be no reason not to.)While this doesn’t mean that the Jaguars would cut Fournette if his guarantees void, the Jaguars would have the ability to do so with no further financial obligation, ducking $2.9 million in 2019 and $4.1 million in 2020. And they wouldn’t have to sever ties after the current season. They could give him another year at $2.9 million, with a chance to persuade the Jaguars to keep him at $4.1 million for 2020.The voiding of the guarantees also would open the door to a potential trade, since his next team wouldn’t be committed to a firm $7 million over two years.The flexibility that would come from the voiding of the guarantees becomes a factor in the broader assessment of Fournette as a player. He missed three games in 2017 and he has missed six games in 2018 , all due to injury. If there’s a new coach or a new G.M. or a new executive V.P. of football operations in Jacksonville, there will be less of a compulsion to throw good money after a potentially bad draft pick.However it plays out, this is precisely why Bears linebacker Roquan Smith held out. Broad language that voids guarantees can become that “gotcha” item a team can hold over a player, giving them a blank check to get out from under an otherwise guaranteed contract whenever they want. Shortly after the Jacksonville Jaguars lost 20-7 to the Houston Texans in a game that included the starting quarterback being benched, the leading running back gaining 28 yards on the ground Josh Allen Jersey , and four sacks on backup quarterback Cody Kessler, veteran defensive players Calais Campbell and Telvin Smith called a players-only meeting.Typically, these meetings are meant to act as a sort of reset during a watershed time in the season, a Come-to-Jesus moment if you will.After emerging from the meeting, Campbell was asked about the decision between Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler. Who should continue as the starter? What’s the best way forward for this team?“I still believe in Blake. I understand Coach’s decision Tanner Lee Color Rush Jersey , and I respect it. At the same time, I believe in Blake. He’s just got to take care of the ball. It’s as simple as that. Cody came in and played a great ball game. I wish we could have won the game and it would have been incredible. But he did bring a little spark. I have seen that in practice, and I was confident in him.”With Bortles named the starter for at least the Week 8 matchup in London against the Philadelphia Eagles, Campbell got his wish.