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Atlanta Braves news: Marlins shoot for the stars when it com

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Re: Atlanta Braves news: Marlins shoot for the stars when it

Message par veri » 03 Juin 2019, 20:17

Re: Atlanta Braves news: Marlins shoot for the stars when it

Message par veri » 23 Avril 2019, 20:40

Atlanta Braves news: Marlins shoot for the stars when it com

Message par farrar9 » 12 Mars 2018, 08:50

BRAVES NEWSReport Marlins asked for Acuna for YelichWee talked about how the negotiations between the Braves and Marlins when it came to Christian Yelich and or J http://www.bravesteamfanstore/Nick-Markakis-Jersey.T. Realmuto had seemingly been going a bit slow since the initial report that confirmed that the Braves were trying to acquire one or both of Miami young talents. As it turns out, the Marlins had very high hopes for their return. According to a report from Peter Gammons, the Marlins asked for Ronald Acuna in a potential trade for Yelich. As Kris said in the subtitle of that post, “Nope.”FanGraphs Marlins aren crazy in asking for YelichWhile it abundantly clear that the Braves are not going to trade Ronald Acuna http://www.bravesteamfanstore/Aj-Pierzynski-Jersey, it actually understandable that the Marlins would ask for Acuna. Eric pointed this out over on Twitter.The Marlins asking for Acuna is what they should do to start. If they persist with that demand, its them saying "we don't want to trade Yelich to you" Eric Cole, Braves Minor Leagues Guy (leprekhan) January 18, 2018Basically, it comes down to leverage and right now the Marlins hold all of the leverage even with Yelich doing his best to force a move and the Braves having a prospect pool that as deep as the ocean. Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs saw this as well and he wrote about it.I don think the Braves should move Acuna for Yelich. But I think it also more a matter of timing, since the Braves presently aren very good. Outside of that, there a perfectly good argument to make. The Braves probably shouldn move Acuna for Yelich, but the Marlins aren unreasonable in making the request. That about how high the Marlins should be looking. If theye going to trade Yelich anywhere, there no reason at all for them to settle.MLB NEWSA pitch clock is coming to MLB in the near futureRob Manfred is getting closer and closer to trying to accomplish his goal of trying to quicken the pace of play in baseball, even if that means adding a pitch clock that would only bring about a slight cut in game time. Itl probably be coming in the near future and this is despite the MLBPA voting against a proposal. However, the current agreement allows the commissioner to push through any rule change he wants as long as he gives a year notice Atlanta Braves Jersey. I think that the union may have taken the “L” on this one.Pittsburgh fans urge owner to sell team After spending a solid two decades in baseball wilderness of being a losing team, the Pirates spent a few years fluctuating from the postseason to being halfway decent. However, after trading away Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen, it clear that the Bucs are planning to go back into rebuilding mode. Naturally, their fanbase is livid and it gotten to the point where the fans are clamoring for their owner to sell the team. This led to a tweet that sums up the sad state that the Pirates are in at the moment.So far, 41,878 people have signed a petition to ask Major League Baseball to force Bob Nutting to sell the Pirates.