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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

Message par matt55 » 06 Juin 2019, 13:20

Using virtual reality opens up many new opportunities for learning and education that are too complex, time consuming or expensive with traditional approaches, if not all at the same time. There are five main advantages of using AR / VR technologies in education.

Visibility. Using 3D graphics, chemical processes can be shown in detail down to the atomic level. Moreover, nothing prohibits deepening even further and showing how inside the atom itself nuclear fission occurs before a nuclear explosion. Virtual reality can not only provide information about the phenomenon itself, but also demonstrate it with any degree of detail.

Security. The operation on the heart, control of the superhigh-speed train, space shuttle, safety in case of fire - you can immerse the viewer in any of these circumstances without the slightest threat to life.

Involvement. Virtual reality allows you to change scenarios, influence the course of an experiment, or solve a math problem in a game and easy-to-understand form. During the virtual lesson you can see the world of the past through the eyes of a historical character, go on a journey through the human body in a microcapsule, or choose the right course on the ship Magellan.

Focusing. The virtual world, which surrounds the viewer from all sides at all 360 degrees, will allow you to concentrate entirely on the material and not be distracted by external stimuli.

Virtual lessons. The first-person view and the feeling of being present in the painted world is one of the main features of virtual reality. This allows you to conduct lessons entirely in virtual reality.
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