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Key Matchup: This sure would be a great time for Patrick

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Key Matchup: This sure would be a great time for Patrick

Message par farrar9 » 12 Mars 2018, 08:49

While it was fun to talk about for a day Golden State Warriors Jerseys, the chances are pretty much zero that Lebron James will take a pay cut to solidify the Warriors bench. GM Bob Myers was equally circumspect on Thursday, saying that “[T]he cohesiveness of our team matters to us and the continuity matters to us.”So unless something pops up that is too good of an offer to refuse, it looks like the Warriors will be sticking with Patrick McCaw, for better or worse, until at least the end of the current season. I’m not going to pile on the guy, but it’s sufficient to say that he has struggled mightily this season. After an impressive rookie campaign, and a dominant Summer league performance McCaw has flown south with his game - leaving even his most ardent supporters (like Nate Parham) seriously questioning if there is a long-term home for him here.Looking back at the last game against the Kings, one of the best of McCaw’s careerAlthough the Warriors ended up losing the game, Patrick McCaw had one of the best games of his career when last we met the Sacramento Kings. The defensive specialist busted out a huge night 16 points (on 5 8 FGs, 2 5 three pointers, and 4 4 FTs), three rebounds, seven assists, four steals, and one block. It was the sort of performance that makes us all scratch our head why can’t he play with this sort of intent every game? It’s such a beautiful game when he plays like thisThe Stars are aligned for another big night, if McCaw can seize the opportunityWith Shaun Livingston attending to personal matters, and the Warriors on the front end of a back-to-back, this upcoming game against Sacramento tonight seems like a perfect opportunity for McCaw to show up. Without Livingston, it opens up the backup guard spot for another ball handler - essentially McCaw, Nick Young, or Iguodala. Young seems to be more of a shooter, Iguodala is old and busted so has his minutes monitored. Enter Patrick McCaw?We really need McCaw to be the good version of himself. One thing that the recent Lebron James trade rumors (if you can call them that) brought to my attention is that while the Warriors’ attempts during the offseason to add bench shooting has not been successful - McCaw may be the biggest question moving forward. Of course we all hoped for greater contributions from Omri Casspi and Nick Young, but neither really figures into the Warriors’ long term planning McCaw on the other hand has been identified as exactly the sort of young talented wing that we want to stick around for a while - from Tim Kawakami of The Athletic...McCaw is young, he is a valuable player for what they do, they eventually need a replacement for Iguodala and they’ve hand-picked McCaw for that role. But nobody foresaw this season’s offensive collapse...Okaaaaay, but we are living in that collapse now. McCaw has lost ground in the rotation, but the opportunity is still there - waiting, like all of us - for McCaw to re-emerge.
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Inscription : 12 Mars 2018, 08:48

Re: Key Matchup: This sure would be a great time for Patrick

Message par carole » 13 Mars 2018, 15:24

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