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Artificial intelligence for mobile apps

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Artificial intelligence for mobile apps

Message par emilydevlin » 11 Octobre 2019, 18:58

Incorporating artificial intelligence to mobile apps has allowed them to function differently such as recognizing landmarks, image labelling, scanning barcodes, facial recognition and many more. Artificial intelligence app development has simplified work for smartphone users and made tasks easier to get done with. They are no more required to be done manually but rather get done automatically due to the systems. It makes the searching process easier, offers more suggestions and work well with search engine optimization. Chatbot features are pretty common in applications, they work solely on the basis of artificial intelligence. There are other AI’s that work to enhance video and audio recognitions on mobile phones. Do you think it was a good idea to involve artificial intelligence to phone apps?
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Inscription : 25 Septembre 2019, 20:29

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