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San Francisco 49ers Hoodie

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San Francisco 49ers Hoodie

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SANTA CLARA San Francisco 49ers Hoodie , Calif. (AP) — Defensive end Nick Bosa made it through his first NFL practice without injuring himself Saturday morning at 49ers training camp.Bosa is coming off a torn bilateral core muscle, an injury which ended his final season at Ohio State. After the 49ers drafted Bosa with the second pick in April’s draft, he pulled his hamstring during the first practice of the offseason while participating in a one-on-one pass-rush drill. He missed the rest of OTAs and minicamp.Now, the 49ers have cleared Bosa to do everything in training camp.“You always want them to go to OTAs as a rookie, because you throw a lot at them,” coach Kyle Shanahan said. “But, you don’t judge guys in OTAs, especially rookies. They just learn the playbook, do a few things, get away, come back, and it’s time to go. Bosa got hurt the first day, so he wasn’t able to practice, but at least he was around here. He got to do everything except rush the passer Cheap Nick Bosa Jersey , and rushing the passer is something he’s done his whole life. Now he’s just got to get back in to practice and get used to going against NFL O-linemen. I don’t really consider him behind.”Bosa mostly played left end for the second-string base defense Saturday. But on third downs he played with the starters. And during his first play with the first-string defense, Bosa beat six-time Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley around the edge and almost stripped the ball from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands.“(Bosa) got Joe a couple times today,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said. “But, Joe is a seasoned vet. (Bosa) is going to find out very quickly that offensive linemen adjust in this league. He’ll get a chance tomorrow to see where he falls after Joe makes his adjustments. Bosa has a chance to be great, but he’s got to understand he’s got to develop his game, otherwise they’ll figure him out real quick.”Bosa is the younger brother of Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, the 2016 Defensive Rookie of the Year, who has 28 1-2 sacks in 33 career games. In college, Nick Bosa had 17 1-2 sacks in 29 games.The 49ers did not make Bosa available to the media Saturday.“He has a great football pedigree,” right tackle Mike McGlinchey said. “He’s very polished as a pass rusher for a kid who is just 21 years old. He looks like this big, powerful guy, but he’s smart enough to be able to use his hands, get down and bend around the corner. He put that on display today, which was pretty cool to see.”Like his older brother Nick Bosa 49ers Jersey , Bosa uses fluid hips and violent hands to beat offensive linemen to the quarterback. “Bosa wins in close quarters,” Saleh explained. “He wants you as close to him as possible, and then he just has an ability to flip his hips and get skinny in close quarters where most people need space so they can knock arms down and create angles for themselves.“With Mike Tyson, the closer you got to him, the more trouble you were in because he loved to be in there tight. Same thing with (Bosa). He just gets in there tight, and then he can work his body and hands. His hand-eye coordination is pretty good.”Bosa showed how good his hand-eye coordination is when he beat Staley around the edge. But there is a long way to go.“For me, he’s a rookie with a helmet and no pads right now,” Saleh said. “I just want to see him get better, be deliberate in his practice and see how good he can get.”NOTES: The 49ers signed DL Jordan Thompson to a one-year deal. SEATTLE (AP) — For most of the past 10 years, Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin were inseparable. College teammates at Stanford. Pros together in Seattle.The first time facing each other as opponents in the pros was going to be noteworthy, no matter how much Sherman tried to downplay the significance before and after.“It was just a regular game. It’s just unfortunate we couldn’t have played as well as we could have. Had too many turnovers, gave up too many plays. That’s football and that’s the way things have gone this season,” Sherman said.The subplot to Sunday’s 43-16 win by the Seattle Seahawks over the San Francisco 49ers was the return of Sherman to the city where he went from an overlooked fifth-round draft pick into becoming one of the elite cornerbacks in the NFL and a Super Bowl champion. He was a beloved star in Seattle, whose career with the Seahawks abruptly ended last March when he was released coming off an Achilles injury that ended his 2017 season early. He left Seattle , found a new home in San Francisco and knew doing so would mean twice a year seeing his former team.The first reunion was going to be the most awkward, but for the most part it went smoothly. Sherman tried to disassociate himself from the hype surrounding the game, while his former teammates — especially Baldwin — spoke emotionally about missing their friend and now opponent.Bobby Wagner seemed to be the only one that wanted to have a little fun with the situation, saying he was looking for Sherman on the sideline during his 98-yard interception return in the fourth quarter which led to a little trash talking postgame.“He was just telling me that I was slow. I was telling him if I’m slow then what does that say about his team? We were just talking trash,” Wagner said. “That’s my brother, it was an amazing time for us to play with each other and to see him on the opposite side in the other jersey — that he looks ugly in — was cool.”Sherman went through his normal pregame routine that included finding Baldwin and briefly throwing a ball back and forth as they did in Seattle. He spent several minutes talking with Baldwin while also giving a quick handshake and hug to Russell Wilson and speaking with several other Seahawks players and staff.When the game started, it was mostly a quiet day for the cornerback. Seattle didn’t throw much and the first time Wilson threw his way was the third quarter when Baldwin slipped free from Sherman’s tackle attempt for a 21-yard gain. He also saw Jaron Brown break free from coverage for an 18-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter when the game was already out of hand.Afterward, he made certain to exchange jerseys with Baldwin on the field.“I’m not that emotional of a person when it comes to stuff like that,” Sherman said. “We’re obviously good friends and obviously we don’t see each other during the season. We’re going to see each other during the offseason. So it was good seeing him, good seeing his face and get to have a conversation.”Sherman said he wasn’t paying attention when Seattle’s wide receivers recreated his famous tip play from the 2013 NFC championship game when he deflected an end zone pass by Colin Kaepernick late in the fourth quarter into the arms of Malcolm Smith. The recreation was part of Seattle’s ongoing touchdown celebrations by its wide receivers and was the one Baldwin specifically wanted to do. It just happened to come in the same end zone as the original play — just this time with Baldwin in the role of Sherman in the reenactment.“He didn’t even know. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Baldwin said. “He knows it’s a tribute and he knows how the guys on this side of the ball feel. He knows how much we love him and how much we miss him.”
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